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Iguanodon 50p

by Simon Barker

iguanodon 50p

  • Circulation: N/a
  • Year issued: 2020
  • Value circulated: 50p
  • Value circulated in excellent condition: n/a
  • Value uncirculated: £10.00 upwards
  • Composition: Cupro-nickel
  • Scarcity index: n/a

The Iguanodon 50p will be the 2nd of a set of three coins released to celebrate the first three dinosaurs to be discovered in England. It will be released in March 2020 as a commemorative coin and is bound to prove popular. Dinosaur enthusiasts and children will love these coins.

History of the coin

In 1971 the United Kingdom adopted the decimal system of currency. New coins had to be designed and minted, and in 1969 the 50p was the third new coin to be produced.

It was given a 7 sided design and was larger than other coins. This changed in 1996, when it was reduced in size, but it kept its distinctive shape.

About the Iguanodon

The Iguanodon lived in parts of Europe, including England, Belgium, France and Germany. Its name translates as ‘Iguana tooth’.

It was a herbivore and lived 140-110 million years ago during the early Cretaceous period. The remains of an Iguanodon were discovered in Sussex in 1822 By Dr Gideon Mantell and it was he who gave the Iguanodon its name in 1825.

It wasn’t until 1842 that Sir Richard Owen described the dinosaurs on these coins as ‘dinosauria’.

How many Iguanodon 50p coins were made?

The Iguanodon 50p will only be issued as a commemorative coin, though it will be accepted as legal tender.

Design and Designer

  • Front design:

The design shows an Iguanodon with the words ‘Mantell 1825’ underneath.

  • Obverse design:

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark.

  • Designer: Robert Nicholls

Robert Nicholls is well known for his creations of prehistoric creatures. As a paleo artist he knows how to bring each creature to life in the most accurate way possible.

He studies each creature to understand their anatomy, skin and size. He works from the inside out, starting with the skeleton and making sure each detail is exactly right.

This set is the first time a dinosaur has appeared on an English coin, and they have been designed with the help of the Earth Sciences Department at the Natural History Museum.


The Iguanodon 50p can be used as a circulating coin, but it has only been released as a commemorative issue.

  • Brilliant uncirculated coins are available
  • 50,000 Brilliant Uncirculated with colour design were produced
  • 3,000 Silver Proof coins were produced
  • 7,000 Silver Proof with colour design were produced
  • 350 Gold Proof coins were produced.

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