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Trinity House £2 Coin

by Simon Barker

trinity house £2 coin

  • Circulation: 3,705,000
  • Year issued: 2014
  • Edge inscription: Serving the mariner
  • Value circulated: £2.00
  • Value circulated in excellent condition: £3.00
  • Value uncirculated: £7.00 and upwards
  • Composition: Inner – cupro-nickel. Outer – Nickel-Brass
  • Scarcity index: 8

Trinity House celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2014 and to mark this occasion the Royal Mint released a Trinity House £2 coin. For coin collectors these are a must but anyone with an interest in history or maritime history will want to collect them too.

History of the coin

The £2 was first released in to circulation in 1998 and is the most recent coin to enter the British coin set. The coin is larger than the other current coins and is bi-metallic to make it stand out.

The coins have an inscription running around the outside and the original one was ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants.’ This is replaced for each commemorative £2.

About Trinity House

Trinity House is a charitable organisation which looks over the safety of mariners.

It was established by King Henry VIII by Royal Charter in 1514, originally to oversee pilotage on the River Thames. They were charged with the safety of Britain’s waterways and mariners, and this included building lighthouses, siting buoys and devising an efficient communication system.

They also provide training and educational programmes for cadets and to teach others about how to be safe at sea.

Their full name is ’The Master, Wardens and Assistants of the Guild, Fraternity or Brotherhood of the most glorious and undivided Trinity and of St. Clement in the Parish of Deptford Strond, in the County of Kent’, which has been abbreviated to ‘Trinity House’.

How many Trinity House £2 coins were made?

3,705,000 Trinity House £2 coins were put in to circulation in 2014.

Design and Designer

  • Front design:

The design of the Trinity House £2 is of a lighthouse, showing the lenses which shine out. The words ‘Trinity House’ appear at the top with the dates 1514 and 2014 on either side.

  • Obverse design:

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley

Designer: Joe Whitlock Blundell with David Eccles

The design was a joint creation between Joe Whitlock Blundell and David Eccles.

Joe Whitlock Blundell studied at Durham University. He has worked as the Design and Production Director at the Folio Society for over 20 years and has helped with the design of many books.

David Eccles is now retired and worked as an illustrator and printer.


Circulation of the Trinity House £2 in 2014 was 3,705,000.

  • Brilliant uncirculated coins are available
  • 3,500 Silver Proof and Silver Proof Piedfort coins were produced
  • 200 Gold Proof coins were produced.

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