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Bond, James Bond £5 Coin

by Simon Barker

bond james bond £5 coin

  • Circulation: N/A
  • Year issued: 2020
  • Value circulated: N/A
  • Value circulated in excellent condition: N/A
  • Value uncirculated: £13.00
  • Composition: Cupro-nickel
  • Scarcity index: TBC

The Bond, James Bond £5 is the first in a 3 coin series to celebrate the release of the 25th James Bond film. Together the set makes up 007, Bond’s codename, and collectors are sure to want all 3 coins.

History of the coin

The Crown, or £5 coin, is not part of the British coin set, but it is legal tender. It was originally worth 5 shillings when the first one was issued in 1953. When decimal currency was introduced, it had a value of 25p and since 1990, it has been worth £5.

Originally intended as a Royal coin, to commemorate Royal celebrations, it is now used for other British celebrations as well.

About James Bond

In 1953, Ian Fleming published his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale. Since then, Bond has become known all over the World. Many films, books, radio and TV shows have been made with him, and there have now been 24 official films, with the 25th due to be released soon.

James Bond is a spy working for MI6, part of British Intelligence. He drives a fast car, uses many fancy gadgets and likes his Martinis, shaken not stirred. He always introduces himself as Bond, James Bond, which is the basis of this coin.

Although Casino Royale was the first book to be published, the first official film was Dr No, which was released in 1962. The films proved popular, and have been popular everywhere. Bond has been played by many actors, but officially just 6 are known as James Bond.

How many Bond, James Bond coins were made?

You will not get a Bond, James Bond coin in your change, as it has not been released in to circulation.

Design and Designer

The coin has a picture of Bond’s famous Aston Martin, with the ‘0’ from the 007 logo. The words ‘Bond, James Bond’ are across the middle.

  • Obverse design:

Jody Clark’s most recent portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

  • Designer: Matt Dent / Christian Davies

Matt Dent has previously designed coins for the Royal Mint. His Royal Coat of Arms design replaced Britannia on the British coin set and he has been shortlisted for a number of other coin designs as well.

Matt and Christian run their own award winning agency. They work with high profile clients, such as Coca cola, HSBC, EDF and London City Airport. Their designs have won them awards including D&AD awards, IACA award and the Campaign Big Silver Award.


The Bond, James Bond £5 coin has not been released as a circulatory coin, and is only available in commemorative form.

  • Brilliant uncirculated colour coins are available
  • 1007 Quarter Ounce Gold Proof coins were produced
  • 15,007 Half Ounce Silver Proof coins were produced
  • 7,007 One Ounce Silver Proof coins were produced

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