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2007 Act of Union £2 Coin

by Simon Barker

act of union 2007 £2 coin

  • Circulation: 7,545,000
  • Year issued: 2007
  • Edge inscription: United into one Kingdom
  • Value circulated: £2.00
  • Value circulated in excellent condition: £2.50
  • Value uncirculated: £10.00 upwards
  • Composition: Inner – cupro-nickel. Outer – Nickel-Brass
  • Scarcity index: 1

2007 saw the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between Scotland and England. To mark this tercentenary, the Royal Mint issued an Act of Union £2. This is a lovely item for anyone who has an interest in Scottish or English history.

History of the coin

The first circulating £2 was released in 1998. The new coin was bi-metallic and larger than the other circulating coins. Before this the coin has been issued as a one colour coin for commemorative purposes only.

The first of these was released in 1986 to commemorate Scotland hosting the Commonwealth Games.

About the Act of Union

Until 1707, England and Scotland were two separate countries, although they had shared the same monarch since 1603.

In 1603 James VI of Scotland also became James I of England, and this paved the way for the two countries to be united. The Act of Union established one Parliament to govern both countries, and this was to be based in Westminster.

Part of the Act said that the new state should be called Great Britain, and went on to describe it as One Kingdom.

How many Act of Union £2 coins were made?

To celebrate the tercentenary, 7,545,000 Act of Union £2 coins were circulated.

Design and Designer

The design is similar to that of 4 pieces of a jigsaw. A rose and thistle are in two quarters with a portcullis in the other two quarters. The dates 1707 and 2007 appear on the perimeter.

  • Obverse design:

Iain Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Designer: Yvonne Holton

Yvonne Holton is the Herald Painter in Scotland.

She originally specialised as a silversmith, before turning to jewellery design and book illustration. In 1990 she applied for a job at the Court of the Lord Lyon, where she specialised in heraldry.

Her commissions include designing the mace for the Lord Lyon King of Arms, a plate for the Downing Street collection and the design of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court emblem.

Her design for the Act of Union £2 is her only coin for the Royal Mint.


The Act of Union £2 was released 2007 and 7,545,000 coins were circulated.

  • Brilliant uncirculated coins are available
  • 25,000 Silver Proof coins were produced
  • Silver Proof Piedfort coins were produced
  • Gold Proof coins were produced.

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